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National Health Care Discount
"Come Grow With Us"

Every potential associates first contact with NHCD is their personal recruiter.

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Lead Generators may promote to the recruiting department by following certain guidelines set by the company.  Our recruiting associates are trained to screen applicants who have applied to work from home, and our goal is to find people who are looking for an opportunity to grow with our company.

The company provides our recruiters with a website, and teaches them how to promote websites.  With this tool, our recruiting associates are given the opportunity to further their knowledge of the internet and gain experience in this field.

Not only can our recruiting associates gain experience with the internet and websites, they also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.  Recruiting associates may advance and become a recruiting mentor.  With mentoring, the recruiting associate will work with other recruiting associates helping them to further their skills and succeed with recruiting.  Becoming a recruiting mentor is a step towards the opportunity of management, learning to train, working one-on-one with other recruiting associates, and motivating them to be successful with a career from home.

Our recruiting associates love their jobs by being able to share their experiences and joys of working for NHCD, and being able to give others this same opportunity.

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We also have other opportunities.  Please see other departments.

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