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National Health Care Discount
"We Save You Money!"

"Employment Opportunities Available!"

NHCD offers programs designed to

Check out the GREAT BENEFITS exclusive to NHCD MEMBERS:

  • 30% to 70% savings through our Prescription, Dental and Optical Plans!
  • NEVER an increase in your price once you are enrolled!
  • Reduced Out of Pocket Expenses!
  • No Deductibles or Claim Forms!
  • Friendly, helpful Customer Service!

Remember:  Prescription Plan and Dental Plan both include Optical/Vision Plan at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  This is our FREE GIFT to our members. You can save up to 65% on all of your optical needs and services! Its our special way of saying THANK YOU!

Tell Your Friends!  Free Membership for 1 Year!

Share the savings now!  Chances are you know someone who would also save money with our discount plans.  After you tell them about the savings and convenience, tell us who they are, and you will receive next year's membership fee FREE if three of your referrals stay members for more than 45 days.

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Another way to save is to work for NHCD!

"Come and Grow With Us"

We are hiring, and our employees are offered the prescription and vision plan after 30 days!

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