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National Health Care Discount
"We Save You Money!"

NHCD, National Healthcare Discount has over

one million members nationwide.

We have been serving America since 1987 and licensed since 1989.  We are committed to providing the best discounts for your health care needs and the highest level of customer service possible.

From our home office in Sioux City, Iowa, and six regional offices, we employ over 400 dedicated individuals to administer and service our enrolled members.

NHCD representatives enroll thousands of individuals during the average week.

Our members benefit from reduced out of pocket expenses, premiums and deductibles while receiving the highest quality dental and optical care and reduced prescription prices from experienced providers in their communities.

By membership agreement, NHCD is not responsible for paying bills or claims by members or providers. All fees for services are directly billed by the provider and are paid by the member to the provider. There is no third party administrative involvement.

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