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To See Frequently Asked Questions About NHCD Dental Plan

To See Frequently Asked Questions About NHCD Prescription Plan

To See Frequently Asked Questions About NHCD Vision Plan


Frequently Asked Questions About NHCD Dental Plan


Q.  How do I use my Dental Plan?

A.  Please call a dentist on the list sent to you with your membership card and verify if he or she is a participating provider on the NHCD/CAREington plan.  For the most current information and monthly provider updates call 1-800-782-9351.

Q.  How does the NHCD/CAREington card work?

A.  Present your membership card when seeing a participating dentist. The dentist will charge according to the current discounted fee schedule for your area.

Q.  What qualifications determine if a dentist is eligible for our Provider Panel?

A.  Dentists must meet our highly selective credentialing process which is based on education, background, location, office facilities and other requirements.

Q.  What if I want to change dentists?

A.  We understand that the dentist/patient relationship is highly personal and you may feel uncomfortable with a particular dentist.  You may change dentists at any time.

Q.  Is this insurance?

A.  NHCD is not an insurance company and is not responsible for the payment of your dental bills.  NHCD is organized on a membership basis for the purpose of securing better health care at lower costs.  Like any organization, however, NHCD incurs costs for sales, administration, printing, mailing, etc. so no refunds are made after membership has been in effect for more than 30 days.

Q.  Can the NHCD/CAREington plan be used together with another plan?

A.  Yes.  To receive benefits under the NHCD/CAREington plan, you must visit one of our providers.  After paying the reduced fee, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Q.  How often can I use my plan?

A.  NHCD/CAREington places your care first.  There are no limits on how many times you may use your plan or visit the dentist during the calendar year.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NHCD Prescription Plan

Q.  How do I access the plan?

A.  You must have your membership confirmation packet to access the plan.

Q.  When can I expect to receive my my membership card?

A.  You can expect to receive your membership card in approximately 21 working days from the time NHCD receives application and payment.

Q.  How can I find locations of participating pharmacies?

A.  You will be given a toll-free number to call for locations of participating pharmacies.

Q.  How do I use my card at participating pharmacies?

A.  After you received your membership ID card, which will have your plan and participating number on it, simply present your prescription card at any participating pharmacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions About NHCD Vision Plan

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